• Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Blue Skye ultimately seeks opportunities where collateral is solid and Blue Skye is in control
of the process and operations.


We only invest in niche opportunities where we believe the potential for reward outweighs the risks entailed and where our skills and hard work can generate returns to investors.

Highly Selective Investment Decisions

Direct underwriting of each transaction – we do not rely on other people’s work. Our investment approach combines deep knowledge and relationships for deal sourcing and market access with a rigorous investment process and swift execution .

Disciplined Investment Process Focused on Capital Preservation

Intensely focused on capital preservation and downside protection through a disciplined value assessment approach, strict due diligence and ongoing monitoring/risk management.

Primacy of Risk Management and Control

Our investment philosophy is to protect capital on each single investment: we place the highest priority on preventing losses.
Dedicated professionals actively manage each investment throught out its entire life cycle.

Pre-defined exit strategies

All investments are based on repayment and/or collections. We do not rely on capital markets exits which are dependent on the economic climate and market conditions.